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I am a person who helps others find their way by using my power and strength. In order to do this successfully, I had to go down many different paths myself and gain a lot of experience.

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Some unsuccessful application attempts made me go back to university after graduation to do a doctorate “first” with little pay. But even after that, I was again undecided about where and how best to apply outside the university world. What did I have to offer outside of a purely professional qualification? And was there even a job out there that exactly matched my professional qualifications? Unfortunately, I only realised late in my career that this was not the most important thing.
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After my doctorate, I started my career as a laboratory manager in the development department of large-scale industry, was a process developer and designed process engineering plants, travelled internationally to commission wastewater treatment plants and wrote a technical book about my professional expertise, which also took me to China and the USA as a project manager. I became an assistant professor in Saudi Arabia and was the first woman to teach wastewater biology to engineers at a public university there.
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Today, I am a science manager at the University of Erlangen, developing career and excellence programmes for scientists and responsible for career coaching and giving trainings on various career-related topics. These professions seem very different at first glance, but I always enjoyed them particularly when I could contribute my skills, strengths, abilities, talents and motivations. Only then was I particularly motivated!
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In the meantime, I have more than 700 hours of individual coaching experience. So when I offer coaching on career choices, I know what I’m talking about - also because I have gained valuable professional, life and leadership experience in fields as diverse as teaching, research, industry and self-employment, and in other cultures.

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I have completed my knowledge in recent years with training as a Systemic DVCT-certified coach at the ICO Institute in Munich. In Systemic Coaching I do not create solutions for you, but make sure that you actively develop a solution that suits you. The decisive advantage: It will be your solution, it will be your way. Nothing is imposed from the outside, and experience shows that the paths you find yourself are easier to follow.
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