Sometimes we all get a little overwhelmed. An effective coach needs to be able to help people see the goal, move forward step by step, instead of being overwhelmed by the problems

My law studies is exactly my thing. I've been studying for two years now and I find it super exciting.
High school student - wavering between psychology and law
I've been studying industrial engineering in Berlin since last winter semester. It was definitely a good choice for me. Thank you again for your coaching!
High school student
It is thanks to Dr. Schnurbusch's great competence and empathy that our son was able to define his goal of studying medicine despite difficult Corona times. This has motivated him incredibly to stay on the ball with joy even during homeschooling. The final discussion with Dr Schnurbusch gave us as parents the reassuring feeling that our son has arrived well and consciously in the upper school. Thank you very much!
Parents of an upper school pupil, grade 11
Thank you for the great collaboration: The coaching sessions with you have helped me a lot. We didn't end up meeting much at all, but the sessions we had helped me a lot! Many, many thanks for your work and your support!
Master chef and business economist - looking for a new challenge
During the coaching I felt totally guided and totally free at the same time. I was particularly impressed by Dr. Schnurbusch's positive attitude, the palpable energy in the room and her courageous open approach without mental boundaries.
Master chef and business economist - looking for a new challenge
I was able to decide on my own path, which gave me a lot of security and composure, which is especially important for me during the time of preparation for the Abitur. It helped me a lot that nothing was forced on me. No question asked ever implied a 'right' answer. This allowed me to come to a decision on my own.
High school student 12th grade - wants to study communication sciences and journalism and become a diplomat.
It helped me especially to gradually narrow down the professions I was considering.
Student 10th grade - wants to become a natural scientist
Ich habe mich für Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen immatrikuliert und bin sehr zufrieden damit.
Abiturient - kombiniert technische Fähigkeiten mit wirtschaftlichem Interesse
I enrolled for industrial engineering and am very happy with it.
High school student - combines technical skills with an interest in economics
A unique experience to find a clear perspective on possible future plans.
High school student 12th grade - wants to study communication design and combine two of her strong skills.
I am happy as can be, the coaching was a lot of fun. At the beginning of the coaching, doctor was my father's profession, now it's mine. I now know what goal I am working towards and even have a plan B.
Student 10th grade - wants to study medicine and become an orthopaedist
My expectations were more than fulfilled. The coaching helped me to clarify my view of my current professional situation. The interventions helped me to reflect on my situation and supported me in my decision-making.
Scientist - wants to habilitate and become a professor
Having a coaching with Silke Schnurbusch who already had the experience (working in different areas and has therefore lots of insights from the first hand) in her own life and the way that she was conveying these insights helped me a lot.
Medical doctor - would like to switch from university to industry
I became more aware of my strengths and aspirations and developed a stronger resolve to pursue a career.
Scientist - wants to continue his career in science
I am very satisfied with the coaching and feel strengthened and more confident on my career path. Silke Schnurbusch's calm, patient and yet firm manner helped me to speak openly and gain clarity about my goals.
Scientist - wants to pursue academic career
The self-reflection at the beginning of the coaching was particularly helpful to me because it is also specifically designed to help me describe myself for future job interviews.
Student 11th grade - wants to study communication sciences and become a literary agent.