Are you in a demanding career phase in terms of time and content in university, industry or society and thinking about a professional reorientation or career counselling?

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You are in a phase of life where you are thinking about where your professional career could take you? Do you feel like taking the next step in your career - in your current company, in another company, at a university or non-university? Are you already a postdoc and considering whether the career goal of professorship is attainable for you? Maybe even in another country? Or perhaps you are thinking about a career change, a completely new start? You have many ideas - or none at all? You don’t know which step to take next? Your head is muddled and you keep going round in circles?
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Maybe the academic “bottleneck” is getting to you or you want to change companies or organizations but don’t really know where to go. Perhaps starting a family has also changed the way you look at your job and you are looking for a new challenge. You know that you need a professional reorientation, but you don’t know how? Find out more about your talents, skills and abilities and what motivates you in particular. On this basis, we work on your next career step in a solution-oriented way.
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You are exactly where you want to be, but your time management, work-life balance or conflicts at work do not let you rest, i.e. your “work-life balance” is permanently disturbed? Let us work on the following topics in a solution-oriented way.

  • Career development and career planning in science, business and society
  • Time management
  • Prioritisation, “saying no”
  • Work-life balance
  • Career mobility
  • Reconciling family and career
  • Conflicts in the context of the leadership role
  • Decision-making

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Media img lab.svg As an executive in science and industry and science management, I was often involved in these thought processes myself and it was not always easy to make a decision and actively approach the next career step. It is important to know what you want and where you want to go. In my solution-oriented coaching, I can therefore ask the right questions so that you can generate the best solution for yourself.
Media img talent.svg In coaching we can work out your abilities, strengths, skills and talents and motivations specifically for you and look purposefully which next position fits you! It is important to know and use your own life values and your networks and to integrate them. Solution-oriented executive coaching with me has a creative but also goal-oriented basis. Together we find out the next position for you! In doing so, we determine the goal of your coaching together at the beginning!
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Career Planning in Science: Workshop University of Erlangen
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My career coaching for experienced managers is based on a well-founded career path of my own. I was a laboratory manager in a development department of large-scale industry, I was a process developer and designed process engineering plants, I traveled internationally to commission wastewater treatment plants, I wrote a technical book about my professional expertise, which also took me to China and the USA as a project manager. In Saudi Arabia, I became an assistant professor, the first woman to teach wastewater biology to engineers at a public university. Today, I am a science manager at the University of Erlangen, developing career and excellence programs for scientists and responsible for career coaching and giving trainings on various career-related topics and have my own company Karrierelust.

Do any of these questions sound familiar?

Then I can help you find your own personal answer.

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I have completed my knowledge in recent years with training as a Systemic DVCT-certified coach at the ICO Institute in Munich. In Systemic Coaching I do not create solutions for you, but make sure that you actively develop a solution that suits you. The decisive advantage: It will be your solution, it will be your way. Nothing is imposed from the outside, and experience shows that the paths you find yourself are easier to follow.
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