Have you completed your studies? Do you have a doctorate or another educational path behind you? Do you want to set the course professionally? Let’s work together on your career orientation and find out what your next career step will be!

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You have already completed your studies, a doctorate or another training path behind you and now it’s time to set the course professionally? University, industry and society offer a wide range of professional opportunities for you. Career orientation is sometimes not easy. But as soon as you are clear about your talents, skills and abilities, what values are important to you in life and what particularly motivates you, you will have the next step clearly in mind. Let’s find out your next career step together in a solution-oriented way!
Media img lab.svg Have you already completed professional training in the form of an apprenticeship, a degree or a doctorate and are you ready for the next career step? I know from my own experience that it is not easy to reassess yourself in career transition phases and to recognise which job really fulfills you. Often there is a knot in the brain when thinking about the further professional future - the inner voices make us think in a continuous loop and need to be sorted.
Media img career choice.svg Let me accompany you in the process to the next career step in an unbiased way. My guidance will give you the confidence to take action and together we will untie the knot in your brain. To do this, we determine what is important to you in life and to what extent your next target position fits your core personality. Solution-oriented career coaching with me has a creative but also goal-oriented basis. Together we will find out the most diverse professional fields or the one target position for you! In doing so, we determine the goal of your coaching together at the beginning!
Depending on your objective, you will learn about your skills, strengths, abilities and talents and motivations and take a targeted look at which jobs in academia, industry and society are the best fit for you!

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Career Planning in Science: Workshop University of Erlangen
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I have completed my knowledge in recent years with training as a Systemic DVCT-certified coach at the ICO Institute in Munich. In Systemic Coaching I do not create solutions for you, but make sure that you actively develop a solution that suits you. The decisive advantage: It will be your solution, it will be your way. Nothing is imposed from the outside, and experience shows that the paths you find yourself are easier to follow.
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